After a suggestion from Denise (comments on previous post) I’ve been out today to try and get hold of Zostrix. Zostrix is a pain relieving cream that is used mainly in arthritis, but as Denise has discovered through a myeloma forum, many myeloma patients suffering with neuropathy are using it to relive their pain.

The first Chemist I went to, was only a very small local one and they hadn’t heard of it. I also asked for Capzasin which is a similar thing. Further down the road is a major chain of Chemist where I thought I would have more luck. It was very busy and lots of people waiting for their prescriptions.

Finally a person arrived at the counter and after clearly showing disapproval that more people had come into the shop, she served the person in front of me and then it was my turn. I asked if they sold Zostrix and after a pause said ‘no I don’t think so’. It was my turn to pause then as I was expecting her to go and check with someone or look it up somewhere. I broke the silence by spelling it for her Z .. O.. S.. T.. R.. I.. X. another pause and she said …’ I don’t think so’. I’m not known for my patience at the best of times, but that sort of topped it for my after waiting ages for someone to come to the counter and then her clear dislike of more people coming into the shop and now her lack of ability to clarify if they do or don’t sell it was getting me more and more frustrating. My reply …. so do you just think you don’t have it or KNOW you don’t. It was probably a good job at this point that another assistant who clearly overheard the conversation came out from the back and said ‘sorry, I’ve just checked on our list and we don’t have it in stock, I would suggest you try a larger chemist’. I thanked her and decided not to ask for the Capzasin as I think I may have blew my top with the other person if it went on any further.

It was clear that she just wanted to get rid of me and didn’t want any further customers as they already had