Zometa infusion 8-5-13

Tomorrow morning I go in for my Zometa infusion.  Hopefully my creatnine will be under the limit so I can have the stuff so my bones can remain strong.   Dr. B in Little Rock started me on Zometa in july 2010 bi-monthly at 2mg along with saline, not I am 4 mg every 3rd month.  It has worked keeping the bone osteopenia/ bone damage at bay.
I go to Litte Rock Mid-September for my annual UAMS-MIRT  battery of tests and BMB, oh! the joy!
I have had 5 now and number 6 is coming up.
As I mentioned before my last bi-monthly  blood work is “trending up” saith Dr. B who is one of the premier experts in the field…..so I am a little stressed about September’s visit.
In November I plan and hope to attend a week’s retreat at The  abbey of Gethsamini in Trappist KY.
It is a quiet, peaceful place operated by the cisticerian monks of St Benedict.   I am not catholic but , need the quiet reflection provided there.  Thomas Merton was its most famous resident and wrote many books on Contemplation, which I need now much!

Have a great week!