Zombies! Run!

The face of justified outrage

Don’t get your hopes up kids, I have neither bought an i-pod doo-dad-thingy, nor have I taken up a hard-core fitness regime.
But when I was watching one of many knitting videocasts this week, I was tickled by the concept of an app which tells you a short story as you walk / jog along, and then suddenly interrupts itself with a shout of “Zombies!  Run!”… and you run.  Simple, but effective short-burst high-intensity exercise.
Yes, of course it is a stupid idea – that’s the point!

The neighbours

I have been amusing myself by incorporating the concept into my twice-daily dog-walks.
Hero nearly had a heart-attack the first time I tried it:  “Zombies!  RUUUUUN!”.
And we gave a jogger a hell of a fright as he came round a blind corner towards us… heh heh heh!

Holiday home from home

But it is fun and it works to get me moving a bit faster.
Did FL join in?
Don’t be daft!

This far and no further…

But today was Dexy Day so he had a bit more energy to spare and walked with us as far as the path.
I handed him the lead for a minute so I could leg it down and back up the steps without fear of Hero tripping me up.
His exact expression was “Ye’re feel!” (Translation:  You are mad!)
But who is wearing the silly hat, eh?

The garden.

Yes, my legs DO hurt.  Thank you for asking!

ScruffyBadger would be proud of me!