You Have To Change Your Thinking When Dealing With Myeloma…

I’m a strong believer of living life to the fullest. Remember when this becomes a wrap (over, finite, the end) you will not do all the lovely things we do now in the living, such as travel, eat that great pot of mac and cheese or what have you. Now with that said, this leaves no room for gluttony, just plain awareness to live life to the fullest.

With the recent passing of Joan Rivers at 81 years of age….
She lived it, and with whatever insecurities she may or may not have dealt with in her own thoughts,
She gave us examples what life is like and how to live it…. and that is full.
We will all have our days of discouragement and depression dealing with our ailments, but when we’re done, it’s then time to shake off this funk and remember the good and positive of your life, and what you need to continue doing.

At the end of the day there’s an unforeseen expiration for all of our lives, with that said it’s time to go full force and live. My few posts spoke about a sudden turn in my health in other areas a few months back, that has spiraled possible myeloma treatment. I have 2 weeks to see what my PET MRI tells me. God and I will work it out from there. I can’t dread on this new outcome because I still have a lot to do, and a lot that I want to do.
In the next few days I’ll start my new show blog for those fashion savvy shoe lovers, as well as continue getting my book “Another Face of Multiple Myeloma” out there to the public, this all takes energy in moderation that is, but when my body can fight no more and the fight has left me…. then can I wither up and go into everlasting sleep, but for now it’s time to get it going!