Yokes and Curls and All The Things

We are barely into December, but already I am excited about planning for 2015.
This is probably Significant Birthday Whiplash.
2015 will be the year I knit from stash.  I know I have said that before, but this time it doesn’t feel like a penance, it feels like a reward! There are so many lovely yarns in there, just waiting for the right project to come along, and there has been a recent avalanche of “right projects” added to my Ravelry queue.

You might recognise this project?  Yes, I have returned to my Kex Blanket.
If I persevere I could finish it this year :)
After that?

I mentioned to FL that there are 7 cardigans I want to knit.  He was puzzled:  “What are you going to do with 7 cardigans?”  Um… wear them?
No, he doesn’t get it, does he?  So I muttered something about how it takes me 18 months to knit a garment, so not to worry.
But honestly?  I would definitely enjoy owning and wearing 7 handknitted cardigans!
Cockatoo Brae and Epistrophy top my “Yokes” list, and I have appropriate yarn at the ready, so I will commit to those for the time being.

Kolmarden Jacket

Although… I have a yearning to knit Kolmarden from the latest Knitscene, using black shetland wool held together with neon pink sock yarn…?

In Sock Plan Land, I still have several pairs of my 2014 Little Bit Club socks to knit.

Final instalment of the Little Bit Club

I changed my club to the SparkLynne base for the final 3 months, and now that it comes to it, I am reluctant to “waste” the sparkles on socks!
So I might shake things up and mis-match yarns and patterns.  Who says I have to use the “right” yarn for the pattern when I have an alternative available?
I am still working on my second Inge sock.

Second Inge sock

I had hoped by now to be immersed in test-knitting shawls for an up-and-coming designer, but I clearly have not played the game correctly, and after initial enthusiasm for my skillz, the designer in question ignored my Ravelry PMs.
I suspect my lack of social media activity may have marked me down as an Old Fogey.  And the designer in question probably noticed that I hadn’t actually knitted any of their previous designs, and selected test-knitters from the existing fan base.  I guess that’s fair.  Shrugs.
But yeah, I’m disappointed.  I will just have to suck it up and buy the patterns when they are released.
Totally worth it – they are fab.
Meantime, I have developed a serious thing for Hunter Hammersen’s new Curls collection.
In my head, I will smash through my stash of luxury single skeins knitting through this book of delicious designs.

My first Curl:  Infuscate

Perfect gift-knitting too!  (Not for this Christmas obviously.)
I have the e-book.  I was all set to treat myself to the print copy, but the shipping cost was extortionate, doubling the cost of the book.  So I have printed out the whole thing to add to my ring binder of “2015 Knits”… because we all know that I ignore my Ravelry queue, but I can’t avoid the folder on the window sill next to my knitting seat!
I started with the trickiest pattern in the book:  Infuscate.
It’s a doozy.  For knitting in daylight only.

Prehistoric Barn-Raising Square

Other stuff
Who remembers my Barn Raising Squares blanket?
It is hilarious to think that I expected to knit one square a week and be finished in a year!
But I am besotted by blankets right now.  So who knows – I might get back to it, and clear out all my sock-weight scraps in the process.
This Time I Mean It.
Gosh – that sounds a lot like a plan!