Yep, I’ve Been Saying It for Years! :))


Hello Everyone!
Hope you are staying well and CoronaV free. There’s so much to say about the craziness in the world right now, but I know you are reading and watching what I am, and you know what I know, so no need to rehash it all here :))
BUT, I will say (with a big smile…) all the sanitizing guidelines and new epiphanies about cleanliness and not cross contaminating cooties between everyone, continues to crack me up. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or know me personally, you know what I’ve been saying forever about “air hugs”, “air shakes”, wash your hands, don’t cross contaminate, etc etc etc etc…. right :))))

BUT what I loved most this week was Dr Fauci recommending NO MORE HAND SHAKING! Wellllll duh world!!! If you think about it, what really is the best guarantee of transferring germs? Yep, Dirty Hands! Again, sorry, not sorry, haven’t I been saying this for years and years and years. OMG if everyone would just use common sense, I don’t think we’d be in the situation we’re in. Keep it clean, and keep yo self clean!

I wasn’t an OCD cautious cleaner all my life. In fact, I’ve always worked with students and the public, and always lived with, and been around many types of animals all my life. I used common sense, but I never had antibacterial wipes in the barn when I was young. I never sprayed surfaces (and people) down with Isopropl Alchohol in my early life. You know when all my super smart and careful cleaning began? It began when my son went thru the “reptile stage”, and we acquired Iguanas, Snakes, Turtles, a Tortoise, etc. Reptiles are known for Salmonella and eColi! We just used common sense;  washed our hands after handling the animals, and their cage. Thinking back, I shared carrots and apples with my horses (well I did take the first bite). didn’t always wash my hands when eating around them, and when my kids were little, they crawled around and played in the dirt. We were a very healthy family, only the “normal” amount of colds and flu when they were growing up. 

So if I was so “healthy”, where did my Myeloma come from? Probably from all the chemicals I was exposed to. Horse fly spray, grooming sprays, things my husband sprayed around our property before I banned them, lol, dirty smoggy air, chemicals in things and foods, etc. But germs, I was aware of them, illness and staying well, but nothing like what’s going on now with CoronaV, and being on chemo. 
All else is status quo with me. Same compromised immune system since my last post, and same Myeloma numbers. Everyone asks me what I plan to do with my increasing Myeloma status. Well nothing right now. Can’t handle another challenge right now, don’t want to deal with new side effects of new chemos. How high will I let my IGA and M Protein go until I brave up and do something? I don’t know. Been super high before, and I’m still here. Been up and down a lot over the last 10 and a half years. How High will I Let my IGA go… hmmmmm…. good question… I’m just living one day at a time, staying away from most everything and everyone, and trying to be ok physically and mentally… just like everyone else. 

Just loooove Kaiser’s screening protocol
Keeping all of us safe and healthy!
My super amazing, incredible, wonderful 
Kaiser chemo nurses!
I gave them “Corona” chocolate :))
Stay well, stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and appreciate anything positive that comes your way!

And for my Myeloma buddies, I’d love to know what chemos, immunotherapies, protocols you’re on, or have been on, and your success, side effects, time line on them, etc, so I can get an idea of what might be next for me. I read about all the options, but it’s great to hear personally from those that have direct experience with specific treatments. Thank you for in advance for sharing :))
Until next time…