Ye Cannae Change the Laws of Physics

Still Star Trekkin’ here…

This is the second sock of the pair for FL’s birthday.
I have 40 rows plus the toe still to go…
Achievable?  I think so, as long as I don’t make any more stupid mistakes.
We won’t discuss the inside-out row on the heel flap.  It will be at the back of his foot in a shoe and he will never notice.

We got away from the hospital quickly today, as they agreed to ring him with his blood test results, rather than make us wait around for the usual 3 hours.
So we went to the dentist instead.
FL’s phossy jaw problem is back.
Really?  Can’t he just have some peace please?
Apparently not.
So I took my knitting to a different waiting room.

Oh look – it’s my Vintage Fremont shawl!
Did you know that 875 yards of laceweight makes a shawl twice as large as 400m of sockweight?
And that means the rows are twice as long and there are twice as many of them?
Ye cannae change the law of physics…