WWND: What Would Nanny Do?

Right before Halloween, I was at Hobby Lobby and I saw this guy:

I had a magical experience where I heard songs from the heavens and a voice in my head said, “What would Nanny do?” Nanny was my grandma who was always buying all kinds of crazy stuff. She totally would have bought this cat.

Want proof? Exhibit A:

My grandma.

So I brought the kitty home and named him Pablo. (If you can’t tell from the photo, he’s holding a teeny, tiny human skull, which I thought had sort of a Day of the Dead feel to it.) WCK wanted to keep Pablo around all year round, and I did consider it, but I finally decided to put him away with the Halloween stuff. This way, we’ll always have a nice surprise every year when we open the Halloween box. “Oh, look! It’s Pablo!” And we’ll all be so happy to see each other. Maybe we can have a little tea party for him.

I miss Pablo already.