WTF… My Leg Hurts!

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile from my last posting… sorry.
All well on my mm journey- but there are some call outs as I adjust to meds and my body reactions to this interesting journey. A month ago I awoke in agonizing pain at my right leg. It was an excruciating leg spasm from what I thought was a subtle stretch. Well let’s just say I’ve been having problems ever since. I know somewhere down the line this has to do with these crazy meds being taken- after my 3rd week and alerting my team of weekly nurses, I was given a leg sonogram.
It was so agonizing waiting the final results, but luckily there’s no signs of the dreaded DVT everyone speaks about that is actually quite scary….
What Is DVT?
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Clotting that can form in any area of the body, It’s more prevalent in the legs. The huge concern is when these clots travel through -out the body and travel to the lungs causing death of pulmonary embolism. Some signs to look out for:
Warm skin
Red skin
Leg pain
Like we don’t have enough to think about L
It’s important that we pay special attention to our bodies and certain signs that we’re given that there may be a problem. My regimen as an mm pupil I consist of daily aspirin 81 mg to be proactive of DVT just in case. Effort made for constant movement of the leg when you’re in a stationary position is important- light stretches through- out the day is necessary. We have to keep that blood moving without hiccups.
Recently, my myeloma RN suggested tonic water for leg spasm as it has quinine. Quinine was used for malaria and it seems to help spasms; however the views are mixed in regards of too much use of quinine as the side effects are damning – like:
Ringing ears
As the amount used in tonic water are so miniscule it’s not considered a huge threat but is said to help a lot… with that said check with your doctor before drinking. I’ll try it perhaps not nightly as suggested as my system was rare but caused some call outs to my leg in general. Never a dull moment!
More information on tonic water and quinine here