Wow, never would have thought…

That the melphalan would so expensive! I just got some itemized bills from the hospital that I requested and the melphalan was nearly 13 THOUSAND dollars a day during the first transplant. I got 50 mg per day for 4 days. That adds up to over 50K just for the melphalan! And everyone says the Velcade and thalidomide are expensive. I'll have to calculate the cost per mg for each and see what comes out on top. Crazy!

It's great to be home but I have to remind myself to rest and not try to do too much. I don't know how others mom's do it caring for their children during treatment. People always ask if it's hard to be away from them, and of course it is, but I also know it is good to be away so I can focus on resting and not feel the stesses of daily life pulling at me do do more than I should. It's harder for everyone back here when I'm gone, especially Alex holding down the fort by himself…but we all know it's worth it.

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