Wisdom Teeth Day

08/27/09 Wisdom Teeth Day
Posted 1 day ago
Today is the day that I get my wisdom teeth out! I am scheduled for oral surgery at 0730 CDT. Sumner is taking me in and bringing me home (I hope). Tracy has nursing classes today and it is difficult for her to miss, Sumner on the other hand jumped at the chance to miss a half day of school. I contacted the school a couple of days ago and they were to give him the assignments he would miss so he could work on them while he waited – he might as well, all of his friends are in school so he has no one to text.

The decision to take my wisdom teeth out and extract a broken tooth was actually made in Jan/Feb 2009, just before I was diagnosed with MM. Well those plans came to a screeching halt and I never thought of it again, no pain or anything. The transplant center at Mayo wants all dental work done before you get down there and start the transplant procedures, if not they will do it there and that just adds weeks to the process and more trips back and forth. also, the dentists do not really like to do much work when a patient is on zometa I guess because of issues with the jawbone.

Oh, by the way, I am scheduled for stem cell treatment starting October 26, 2009.

Being back to work is really nice, having a good time especially lately since my energy level seems to be returning to normal and I am getting involved a little in the Bio Lab, it is fun re-reading and re-learning their SOPs and processes. I made the last of my schedued presentations last night for training in Good Documentation Practices for GCP and GLP applications. The new hires are kind of the freshman when i used to teach, some of the refresher groups are like the 7th period study hall seniors!

Med update:

Revlimed @ 25 mg/day on days 1-14 and 2 weeks off
Dexamethasone @ 40 mg every Friday
Velcade infussion with Dex on days 1, 4, 8 and 11 then 2 weeks off
Procrit every 3rd Friday

Neupogen (bad karma on this one) everyday for a week when my white blood count drops too low. worst pain I have ever felt!

Well, I have to wake Sumner up and get ready to hit the road! Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for me and my family.

Will add more later!