Wilma, or the Perils of Web-based translation…

“When planning a “D” in the part number is designed to be worn as a mini dress.

(Clarity of the time of sale in favor of “C” has been moved to No.)
I originally designed as lounge wear,
The article “garbled”, an interesting pattern.

Bottlenecks and cut out, point by floating with a patch pocket.
Use a simple apology underlined finger hole sleeve.
Therefore, it is also twisted sleeve design point is underlined.
Collar is just a simple apology wraps
Slap on the back facing the stitch.
Length comfortably sit in cover, winter warmth.

Material has a relatively firm is facing second-knit place.
Fleece, wool knit compression, such as fleece.
Epidemic “can also Fuwa,” as well as material, the design would fit.

I saw cute toile collar Guriwohasamidejokijoki off,Collar B (de scoop neck) also put information on line.When you arrange short sleeves, also make like a big T.
Deliberately dropped shoulders, and your cute tank top to show patterns.If you are concerned about the visible bra straps,Please pull back slightly inside the shoulder line.(Personally, a little too stuffed collar,I think I have devised an inner nice)”