Will it carry on…

…the blog, that is. Many have people have asked me this question and requested that it does continue. And the answer is YES, although it might not be as frequently as it has been, we shall see. Unfortunately I can never go back to the point before, I entered the world of blogging and the place that I call the parallel universe. I will always be looking over my shoulder as myeloma lurks in a dark corner of my body threatening the time I have left in the real world. It is because of this I have to seriously consider how I spend the time I have left in the world, in that place called reality. I have completed the required paperwork to go before a panel, who will decide if I meet the criteria for early retirement due to ill health. If this is the case, I really do have to carefully, think about the options stretching out before me. Colin and I would love to travel more in our motorhome and are already thinking about spending the winter months in Portugal chasing the warmth of the sun. This might or might not be possible and will probably depend on what my consultant has to say on July 11th. Myeloma hold’s my diary, deciding when and where I need to be at any given time. I do not want this to be so, I want to tell myeloma to **** ***, well, to go where the sun don’t shine, but he is already there waiting to pounce whenever he chooses, is the right time to do so. Myeloma is my dictator and for a control freak like me, it is difficult to bare. I will use all my visualisation skills to keep him at bay. I shall imagine him drowning and unable to come up for breath. We shall see who of us is the strongest and I shall imagine that to be me. So there will be plenty more to write about. There are a number of adventures and opportunities for me to explore. One of them will be how to make money if I do retire. There is always the book and there are some possibilities for training. But this will be the time, when I will need be at my most creative, sculpting numerous opportunities out of the clay I have collected throughout, the many years of my career as a nurse. Although I won’t be able to personally work for the NHS anymore, we do have a private company which may be able to do so. These are not the choice’s I would have made six or seven months ago but nobody knows what lurks around the corner, and if anyone one of you fancies swapping places step right up.

Party plans are going well and we have just received a number of bales of straw for seating. It’s your last chance to let me know if you would like to come along to the big event on July 13th. My sincere apologies if you haven’t yet received a proper invite but if you do want a ticket just let me know by the end of today. A shopping trip out, yesterday, left me pretty exhausted, but at least we managed to sort out Colin’s outfit, and I did have the opportunity to take a nap after a lovely lunch, in our motorhome. It’s so good to have Helga back as she passed her MOT with flying colours.

Today I shall rest up and write the lists I keep meaning to write, share a cuppa with my lovely sister-in-law, and then catch up on some of the TV programmes that I have recorded but haven’t yet managed to see. I wonder how I ever fitted work in?

Enjoy yours!

Deborah xxx