Wildlife abounds this Spring

While driving into Kentucky yesterday, a Woodpecker almost flew into the path of my car as I drove along a country road in Logan County.   This area is farm fields and distant trees on the knobby hillsides, about a mile away.   This was either a Downy or Hairy Woodpecker,  males of which this was one, have a red cap on their heads.  I only had a split second to  tap my brakes and avoid killing it.
That would have ruined my day and early in the morning.   It could have been either species,  one is slightly bigger than the other but their only distinguishing mark is bill length.  I had no time in the instant I saw him to measure his bill.    It probably was not a Pileated woodpecker as that species is much larger and is not so bold to venture out in clearings and fields.   It was a great treat to see this bird yesterday and for him to not be killed by MY car kept my day bright.