Widget update

After an overly long post yesterday, an admirably brief post today: my blog now has a ‘follow this blog’ widget. This means you can click a button – in theory very visible in the sidebar – and thenceforth for your eternal delectation get emails directly into your inbox each time I post. No need for rat-pigeon compulsive refreshing to see whether I’ve posted recently. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. You could achieve this same joyous outcome before (26 persistent people managed, it seems) but it was apparently very hard. I now realise this was due to the lack of widget.

The other cool thing about the widget is that it tells me how many Followers I have. This will make me feel like a cult leader. I think I may draw solace from this on Turd Days (which, confusingly, after the Easter break will re-locate to Mondays. Haven’t decided on a suitably immature name yet for that: any ideas?)

Your Leader.

H the G x