Wicked Weather in Panama City Beach…..But Still a Great Time.

I FINALLY convinced The Dom to join me at the condo last week.  He hadn’t been there since our Fourth of July festivities.

We had a very pleasant drive there.  Blue skies and sunshine.  That all changed early evening.

We had one helluva storm!  We actually slept on our sofa bed to enjoy the light show.  It was amazing.

When we woke up on Tuesday morning, we were shocked to see the destruction.  The beach was an absolute mess.  There were chaise lounges scattered all over the place.  Double Red Flags were flying.  (STAY OUT OF THE GULF).

It was obviously not going to be a “beach day”, so we decided to walk over to Dee’s Hangout for their Tuesday lunch of skillet fried chicken.

Much to our shock we saw horrible damage at our favorite hangout across the street…. Beach Bar and Package.

It’s amazing that the windows weren’t broken!
Local Storm Coverage

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at one of the pools.  The storm had really messed up the water.

Wouldn’t you know it…. on Friday morning as we were ready to leave, the water cleared up.

Anyway, it was fun to see the gang, and I was tickled to get Dom to Panama City Beach!