Why New York?

New York just became “hope” for us MMers with the research underway at Weill Cornell in Dr. Selina Chen-Kiang’s research lab.

What a great lady! She converted a large part of her private office into a coffee/lounge spot for her researchers. She understands the value of “downtime” where these intelligent beings can “shoot the breeze” over coffee and oh, just coincidently, perhaps happen to come up with a new research idea for curing cancer.

So, their work continues on PD0332991, a small molecule that literally stops a multiple myeloma cell in its tracks on its way to causing all sorts of havoc in the body. Phase II trials are tentatively to start September 2007. We’ll see how this progresses.

There are other equally promising research efforts elsewhere in the US, but after meeting Dr. Chen-Kiang in New York last November, I plan to follow this research closely. Anyone who understands the importance of a collegial atmosphere for her team the way she does, AND gives up her own office space, can achieve great things.

I selected the theme New York to represent the hope I hold in my heart for the cure for myeloma which is in our sights.

More later.