Why Blog?

Why blog? Well, for several reasons. I enjoy writing; I already do it anyways just not on my own website. The reason I write, which is mainly on Facebook and on a few other websites that I go on, is to interact with others in an encouraging manner. I mean, who doesn’t like or need to be encouraged from time to time? I’ve learned that if you encourage others, you’ll be encouraged right back.
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A few years ago my bones were in extremely bad shape. I was new to this disease but I understood that people with MM had to be careful because our bones could be like glass, easily broken. I heard stories of people stepping off curbs and breaking their hips from the Multiple Myeloma. What kind of future was that? But that’s were I found myself back then. Bone scan showed severe osteoporosis and the surgery to have collapsing vertebrae filled with cement with a surgery called kyphoplasty was inevitable.
About that time I saw and read an article of some older dude with Multiple Myeloma running marathons. So there I was in my mid-thirties with bones like a 100 year old, living with excruciating pain, can’t hardly do much of anything… and this guy is running marathons! Was I encouraged? Was I inspired? Heck ya! The guys name is Don Wright, he has his own blog and he’s still going strong encouraging others.
There are a lot of other people who have encouraged and inspired me through my journey with this disease. Not just people with Multiple Myeloma but people who are doing other neat things. Have you heard of a guy named Drew Manning? He’s the fitness instructor who was obviously fit but gained a lot of weight to understand his clients’ struggles. He’s on a journey now which he documents on his website/blog in which he is now going the other direction to lose the weight and inspire others into getting fit.
So that’s why I started to blog. To hopefully encourage people with Multiple Myeloma to do things that might not seem possible with this disease. I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry!
By the end of this year… Lord willing, I would like and hope to show my friends, family, and support group peeps my physical transformation from what the Multiple Myeloma did to me a couple years ago to what prayer, diet, exercise, support, and encouragement from others has brought me to. I think we all like pictures and if you’re like me you’ll probably want to see lab work, bone scan reports, and that sort of stuff so I will try to compile it as well when the time comes.