I was feeling so relaxed and laid back I completely forgot about the blog. OK, I know I don’t have to write something everyday but I know that there are quite a few of you that regularly read it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a call or two soon, checking that I was OK.

I am more than OK, I am considerably well. Both Colin and I have been swept away by excitement this morning!
A friend of mine is currently touring France in her motorhome and it really got us going, it doesn’t take much! We hope to be off to France in September, with our best mates, but even more excitingly than that we are looking into chasing the sun for a few months starting just after Christmas. We have always dreamed of having Christmas away but alas there is usually a child or two fretting that they can’t possibly be left alone at that time of year, it’s hard to imagine they are 26 and 24!

Today will be a day of leisure, meaning we will do what we like when we like. We do however feel rather bereft without Helga, our big friendly motorhome, who has gone in for her MOT.

Only one more injection to go before my harvesting on Monday. I must admit Kate has made an excellent nurse and all so far, have been pain free.

Well I can’t hang around here, I have more researching to do if we are to find that perfect spot in the sunshine.

Enjoy your day of rest.

Deborah x