White Christmas in Mackay Idaho – December 24-25 2012

I took 20 mg of Dex this morning and I have a lot more energy. It would be my regular Tuesday dose.

 Jani blowing new snow, Christmas Eve 2012.

Had a visit from Santa and his elves this Christmas Day 2012. They visit every house in town with children, but since I’m a child-at-heart, I got a visit TOO! Thanks Santa.

 OOPS, the elves almost forgot Santa….

Christmas Dinner with Steve, Helen, Kobe, and Andrea Marinac. Left to Right Below: Jani and Judy Malkiewicz; Isabel Rosenkrance Eaton, Andrea and Kobe Marinac.

Jani, Frank, and Judy Malkiewicz

 Helen and Steve Marinac

 Brothers Williams, Henry and Fuzzy.

 DW and Shelly Trantham, Helen, Kobe, and Steve Marinac.