Where’s the Fever coming From?.

I made my last post on saturday, having had my 1st velcade infusion on friday, as I just wasn’t feeling well enough mentally and physically to write anything on friday right after my doctors visit, and after having such a shitty day. What I neglected (or really just chemo brain forgot to tell you)…when I go through the “regular routine” of weight, blood draw, blood pressure and temp, I was surprised to see I was running a low grade temp of 99.2 that day. Not a REAL biggie, but certainly something to watch for sure, when you have no immune system to speak of. Of course my first thought was….UT- OH……here’s the possible start of another UTI coming my way. Now generally speaking, for a normal person 99.2 is a slight indication that something may coming my way, but on top of that, my usual temp runs a bit lower than the normal persons…I generally run about 97.8, so that , for me is even more of an indiciation that something may be going on with me. Several visits ago, Dr. Nair had written me an antibiotic for 2 weeks with a 2 week refill, just in case I felt something coming on and before I could get to him, and of course things like this always crop up on a friday or the weekend, when you can’t get to the doctors office before monday! So when I came home from my fridays infusion, I started on my levaquin (antibiotic), just in case I was starting a UTI and also dow 3 ibuprofen as a precaution. Started a “fever log” as I can’t remember anything these days (YES>>chemo brain back in full force). On Saturday, took my temp and it was normal throughout the day. Sunday, I started to feel weird and feverish, so took my temp at 1:15 pm and it was 101.2, so again, I take the antibiotic and 3 ibuprofen. At 4:15 (so only 3 hours later)it came down to just 100.6, so not much help in going down :( Took another 2 ibuprofen, and finally went to sleep knowing that was the last time I was going to take it that night. Needless to say, felt pretty shitty on Sunday. On Monday, didn”t feel feverish or weird, so took my first temp of the day at 3:25 pm and it was 98.6…..(although con’t to take the antibiotic) YAY…..normal. BUT BUT BUT…. at 4:45, just a bit over an hour later, I started feeling really bad and took my temp and it was 101.4! Again, took 3 ibuprofen and my antibiotic. Took my temp again 45 minutes later (at 6:30 pm) and the ibuprofen made it go back down to 101.0, so just .4 lousy degrees in 3 hours. Needless to say,I’m still feeling pretty dang wiped out and weak by this time. At 6:30 pm, after 2 more ibuprofen, I got it down to 99.0 around 8:00 pm and tried to go to bed early. Now today, I was supposed to go in for 2nd Velcade infusion, but I kwow chemo kicks your butt and I wasn’t sure whether they would even want me to have it today, so I called the office around 9:00 am (my appt wasn’t until 11:15 and my temp was 98.9) but they said NO…Don’t come in for the velcade, until we figure out what is causing the fever, they set me up for an appt for tomorrow (wed). Now here is here the predicament lies. If I hadn’t had a low grade fever on fri (BEFORE the infusion), it would stand to reason the chemo is the culprit as it is one of the side effects. But because I did have a low grade temp on fri, is it the beginning of an asymptomatic UTI (which I continue to take the antibiotics everyday..it’s only 1 pill a day of 500 mg of levaquin)…..so it it just the UTI starting? Is is a combination of the velcade and and a UTI? Or is it something altogether different and new? I know that kidney issues can cause fever as well as several other MM issues? I am so weak right now, from something…had to use a cane for stability again today…can hardly move around in bed and again (and I know you are getting tired of hearing this..the FATIGUE is just so overwhelming. Like I couldn’t drive myself to the doctors today..just no way…so mom , again my angel, will have to drive me tomorrow, if I still feel the way I do right now. I guess I just want answers. Is it the chicken or the egg? I just know, this is once again, one of my “rough spots” that I will have to get over to fight this fight. It just gets real old sometimes, ya know? I’ll keep you posted.