Where Did August Go?

It is nearly the end of August and I just realized that I haven’t written a single post since July 31!  As I looked over my archives, I saw that I had posted at least four times a month since I began this blog in January of 2012.  What is happening to me?

To be honest, I have just been too busy getting back into my life!  Starting the Livestrong Exercise and Thrive program has been instrumental in my improved energy and attitude.  Traveling to Denver and Boston and volunteering have kept me active.   Household chores have become easier and I don’t get as tired. I have taken on some new responsibilities in Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Organization for Women Educators where I will be chapter secretary and chairman of the WA State Bylaws and Resolutions Committee. If I didn’t know better, I would think everything is back to normal.  

Next week, I see my oncologist for the first time in two months.  Last Wednesday, I had my blood work done and I am on pins and needles thinking about what the results will show. At times like this, the reality that my life will never be the way it was before comes into clear focus.  No matter how well I am feeling or how normal I seem, it doesn’t erase my multiple myeloma diagnosis.

On a positive note, I would like to share a link to Patient Power where Dr. Craig Hofmeister, a myeloma expert from Ohio State University, talks about excitement and hope for patients.  After viewing this link, I felt more hopeful for the future.


Are you wondering what the picture at the top has to do with this post?  Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with it!  Last weekend, my daughter and my niece and I went to Tweets in Edison, WA (I have mentioned this charming cafe in previous posts) and we shared this scrumptious peach and blueberry pie with mascarpone whipped cream and sipped cappuccinos as we savored another small moment.