When the wind blows.

The weather here is a tad blustery (I don’t want to exaggerate!). Gale force gusts had taken down a couple of fences when I woke this morning. On a World scale this is nothing, two fence panels on the floor (broken of course), the only problem really being that Toni could easily go for a wander around the neighbourhood (watch out cats!)

I kept her locked in and after breakfast set about securing the perimeter with all the flair of  Heath Robinson. The panels are supported now by various crates full of stone and a couple of poles at jaunty angles which are weighted at one end with heavy bags. 

I should be proud / pleased that I have proven my self-sufficiency, I don’t need a man in a crisis (the builder will be replacing the panels when the wind dies down.) Instead I am a blubbering wreck, it’s a job that Mike would have done just a couple of years ago. It’s the little things that set me off.