When the Fire Dies

I’m really blessed to still be able to live life to the fullest! My book “Another face of multiple myeloma” is in the works of being promoted, my company Spitfir Productions is nicely being upstarted, Mae’s Breath Foundation is making great leigh-way in lung cancer awareness, etc, etc…

I don’t know what would happen if my fires goes out; as it’s the thread that is truly keeping me alive.
I have a weekly meeting that takes place every Tuesday, and I don’t know what it is that gets me so uptight and not nervous but annoyed by presenting at this meeting- but today I wrote the letters-
UCDI- You Can Do It…
to remind me of the light that is in me, and no matter my anticipation weekly tested that I’m doing despite my fears, anxiousness, or what have you.

I may not be perfect with this task, but God only knows and shows me everyday I’m truly a living Spitfire because I’m doing, learning, and achieving in so many other factors of my life.
Who can ask for more….

Screw Myeloma- how dear it tells me how to live!
Cheers to life!