When God decides to close a door He will open new doors for you………..

Even though it may be hell in the hallway! :) I must remain faithful even though it may seem like nothing is going my way. I am sorry I haven’t be blogging but it isn’t because I didn’t want to, it just slipped my mind. So here is the update, first and foremost I am doing very well, I repeat I am doing very well. My family and I have taken good care of myself. So disregard the rumors to the contrary. Secondly, I did return to Duke to be tested to see if January treatment worked. Unfortunately it did not but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a Plan C. That is what I getting ready to do, go to plan C. It consists of taking two oral chemo meds that are ridiculously priced. I am blessed to have excellent insurance but you know me I think of those that don’t have insurance and wonder. One is around $15,000 for 21 pills and the other one is $10,000 for 14 days!!! Get real, is it necessary to charge so much? How about the uninsured? How do they afford it? Often times they don’t and they don’t get access to the better treatment. I don’t want to talk politics but please tell me why somebody that didn’t have insurance not want help to get it???! People you don’t have to have cancer to go bankrupt after you go to the ER for something that can be fix and go home with a $30,000 bill. Yes have to pay it if you don’t have insurance and they will make your life miserable trying to collect it. You don’t have to have cancer to be need of healthcare. Unfortunately we don’t stay healthy forever. Once the aging process kicks in and in doesn’t kick in at 90 either, there are preventive things that need to be done to keep you well and can’t be paid out of pocket for the whole cost! Everyone needs health insurance, ok! You can rational all you want but unless you are disciplined enough to save alot of money that you put aside in your health piggy bank, you need healthcare! Ok!? Enough said. So tonight I will start my new meds for 21 days and then they will check my bone marrow again for response. It isn’t unusual for the disease to become resistant over time. It does but there maybe other chemo that it still responds to and that is what we are trying. I can stay home and take it. I don’t have to go to Duke to take it and I can have blood work monitored here until time to go back. I feel good and I was even riding my bike yesterday in the beautiful weather. The new meds will lower white, red and platelet counts so I have to remain cautious and staying out of big crowds and staying away from those known to be ill. I have gotten out a little so I don’t go stir crazy but I have just about everything I need right here at home. I again thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I have some wonderful people bring lunch by to say hello and allow me to have adult conversation. Yes it is hurry up and wait but I going to continue to believe God is in control here and he knows what has to be done in order for transplant to be successful. In God’s time and His time is not our time but it is always on time!! I will try to update my progress on these new meds on a regular basis. Be assured that we all are doing well. Please feel free to email, text, call or what have you. Again thanks for all the prayers they certainly help! Until next time take care and be blessed!