What’s Worse Than Outrageous High Prices Of New Cancer Drugs? No New Cancer Drugs!

For myeloma, and most cancers, new drug development has been a corner stone to improved survival and life expectancy.  To cancer patients it is the river of life, and we want to see it provide a torrent of new drugs.  But what if this river runs dry?

First the History of  New Novel Myeloma Drug Development

Just to let you know many, maybe most, new drugs are not developed by big pharma.  No, they start out as Micro Bio-Tech companies like Celgene was in 1997, when they opened a clinical trial to see If Thalamid  would have any efficacy for myeloma at the request of UAMS.  This unprofitable company, with $7 million in losses each year with a stock price of 50 cents and market value of just $8 million dollars was the genesis of the current company worth $65,000 million, and a stock price of nearly $100 per share.  The trial was successful, which led to Thalamid, Revlimid, and Polmalidomid.  

Taketa did not develop Velcade, it was the Micro Cap company ProScript – This led to Velcade, and Ninlaro

Amgen did not develop Kyprolis, it was the Micro Cap Onyx Pharmaceuticals. 

And the most recent example is the Micro Cap company, Karyopharm which has just obtained FDA approval for Selinexor

These drugs have saved so many lives and helped to double our life expectancy, and in the hands of a myeloma specialist has tripled it.  So what if these Baby Bio Techs were aborted before birth?   I believe I would not be here, and most patients would still be living an average of just 33 months.  This was the life expectancy before novel drug development.

I invest in stocks and have a COI in this area, I have recently invested about 2% of my 401k in Micro  Bio Techs.  I have far more 30% in the bio big boys, like Abbvie, Celgene, BIB. and XBI.  However, the most skin I have in this game is my LIFE, which depends on these drugs and new yet approved drugs.  In other words money means little to me if I am dead!

So OK, why does this have anything to do with new drug development?   These companies are started and funded by stock sales, they usually lose money in the 10 years it takes to bring a new drug to market, so investors are betting on the  idea and have FAITH it will come to market.  So when my 2 investments in Micro tech stocks tanked in a very short time, I was concerned.  I have senior level management experience, an Engineering background and MBA from NYU, so I know a little about stocks, balance sheets and  the P&L.  What I believe is happening is the micro bio tech stocks are being manipulated by predatory trading practices.  In early 2016 I noticed the volume of trades sometimes exceeded the stock that had been issued and the trading volume would go from an average of 1000 shares a day to 350,000 per day.  This was repeated over and over again for most of the Cancer Baby Bios.  This drove the stock price down and makes it far harder for these companies to survive for the time required to bring drugs to market.  Why?  If the stock has gone down 75% a company must sell 4 times as many shares to get the same cash to fund operations, not to mention that each investor has lost 75% or there investment, and investors lose confidence in micro bio techs.

   The Cancer Drug Development River Must Never Dry Up From Predatory Stock Trading!

I believe traders and some brokers noticed the vulnerability of these stocks and overpowered them with illegal predatory trading practices, and it works because these stocks are based on faith.  And predatory trading can and does destroy faith in micro-cap bio tech stocks.  Most other small cap companies live and die based on the profitability of the company, and it is easy to see how profitable a company is,  making it far more difficult to attack successfully. 

As an investor, I could just cash out of these two bio techs and call it a lesson learned, and never again trade in micro cap stocks!  But as a cancer patient, I see the threat this kind of thinking and lack of faith will do to the very backbone of new drug development. If baby bio tech companies can not fund themselves through stock sales their products will never make it to market.  If Capital Vultures destroy the incubator of new drug development it will run the river of new cancer drugs dry causing a stagnation in cancer survival rates and life expectancy.  HOW MANY people would die because of a few morally bankrupt traders or brokers.  The risk is we may not see many new drugs developed by these baby bio techs because they cannot survive the savage onslaught of these Capital Vultures.  I have put in a complaint into the SEC, and the FBI and hope they will work to stop this criminal activity.  How many people have to die because of this immoral activity.   You too can enter a complaint at the following links, SEC link: https://www.sec.gov/tcr and the FBI link: https://www.tips.fbi.com  The more complaints the more likely of an investigation, and the sooner this activity stops! 

A small sample of the baby bio techs which have been attacked include: ATNM, CGEN, CLRB, CTIC, KOOL, and KPTI (before excellent Phase 3 results), and to view an expanded list of cancer micro bio techs which are under attack or vulnerable to attack CLICK HERE.

You may be right I may be Crazy but it just may be a PREDATOR your looking for!  (A little change to Billy Joel’s lyrics)   Best Regards/Gary