What’s that?!? 2012

Firstly, Mike is now much better, well his chest infection has gone at least. My memory continues to be a real problem. It is partly because of it that I blog so infrequently, I either forget to start a post or forget what it was I was going to say. It is so bad now that I often end up giving myself a migraine with the stress of trying to recall where I’ve put something.

Now that the jumper/dress is finally finished I have started on a pair of socks, surely they won’t take me a year? Luckily the pattern repeat is very small and I can manage a set of rows before I put it down, that and a tally makes my memory less of an issue.

I forgot to mention previously that my Christmas pressie from Mike was a microscope which has a small camera that connects to the PC. I am now able to flummox you all with a new season of “What’s That!?!” posts. How exciting is that?