What would Georgia sew today?

Factory Dress

I posed this question the other day when I was pondering the concept of Georgia O’Keeffe as a style icon. And it amazes me that it took me so long to come up with the answer.
Japanese patterns! Of course she would!
Sculptural silhouettes in black and white and grey?
In the best quality natural fibres she could source and afford?
Obvious really.
But… in my ponderings and web-wanderings, I also fell upon a couple of patterns from Merchant and Mills.
The Factory Dress? Oh. Wow.
Now… I know I said that dropped waists and shapeless smocks did nothing for my shape. But does that matter?
Because it is not about what other people think when they look at me, it is about how I want myself to appear. (I am saying this now…)

Camber Dress or Top

They sell fabric too.
Just sayin’…