What will this week bring?

It’s not every day that you pack your bags ready for a stay in a Hospice and I must admit I never thought this day would come without me kicking and screaming. Because of Kate’s and perhaps a little bit of Amitriptyline’s divine intervention, I am feeling much better and the pain in my legs has not returned in such veracity, but the bed has been reserved and I now feel somewhat embarrassed about turning it down. The general feeling is that I do still have pain that needs to be managed and that perhaps a short stay wouldn’t do any harm. So off I will be going with my bags packed with the required day and night clothes and my much loved mini iPad ready to report back on the daily events. Perhaps it won’t be quite as I have imagined, after all I can recommend their reflexology treatments, I shall just think of it like a trip to the Spa without some of the facilities.

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely Sunday roast with mum, dad, Colin and Kate before returning home for a massive 3 hour afternoon nap. I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw the time but still I had no problem with retiring to bed early and except for the odd couple of hallucinations reported by Colin, I had a good nights sleep.

I wonder if the postman will bring me a winning prize this week as so far my competition entries have come to nothing. That doesn’t mean I am giving up, the clue to winning is perseverance and patience.

Well wish me luck, and yes Sharon if you are anywhere near the Letchworth Hospice a bar of that magnificent chocolate will be much appreciated. As would a visit from anyone, I do believe they have opening visiting times but I would avoid turning up at 10pm with a bottle of Prosecco and some nibbles as I am not sure how much the staff will appreciate that but I could be wrong! Perhaps it will be a right old laugh with the patients and staff all up for a party, hey ho what have they got to lose?

Deborah x