What Low Blood Cells?…….

Had my appt for my bloodwork yesterday and WOW……all was really really good! It’s such a great feeling when after a doctors appt you walk away with good news….. for a change! My WBC’s were normal, but those pesky RBCs that have been nothing but mean to me and a HUGE pain in my ass these last few months were wonderful. So that means that not only did the blood transfusion work, it seems to have lasted and not petered out, as it was given to me a week ago today and my numbers yesterday indicate almost double what some of them were last week and the rest in normal range. Woo Hoo. The main thing about all of this though, is I FEEL good. I feel normal, with only a slight fatigue at the end of the day, but hey, that’s normal. I am driving, running errands, doing household stuff and even in the midst of choosing a color to paint my bedroom! I had picked up the swatches of colors over a month ago, but then BOOM (enter 4th of July firecracker noises here) the big blood crash, so needless to say, the painting of the bedroom was placed way way back on the last imaginary burner. I also WANT to get back to my studio making beads and jewelry. I’ve missed that so much :( But now, well, let’s just say, I’ll be in the studio for LOTS of time now, because while I did have my “crash” time, I had lots of really cool ideas floating around in my head for bead ideas, so I can’t wait to get out there and start “playing with fire” again. If you have never seen photos of my bead studio, you can check out my Facebook Page…..Jan Farmer….and on the left bottom of the page is a link to my photo album of my bead studio. Gonna run for some groceries shortly….. ahhhhhhh……the little things you look forward to when feeling better….LOL) and then coming home and “play” with glass for a few hours afterwards. Ya’ll have a great 4th of July tomorrow. Ashley and I will either be going over to Mom’s for a BBQ or go out to eat, we haven’t decided yet. I have 2 upcoming topics that have been swimming around in my mind lately, that I will be writing about shortly…..one is the Bucket List and another will be photos of baby kittens that my Mom and Van fostered…. a feral cat (actually it fostered them)…she had babies in their driveway and they are getting old enough to go to a no-kill shelter for adoption soon and I want to take photos of them while they still have them. They are truly too cute for words.