What I Wore in January

I am conducting an experiment. This year, I am trying to record what I wear every day.
It began as an exercise in catching myself out. I say I wear home-sewn clothes most of the time – but do I really?
And when I choose shop-bought over me-made, I want to know the reason/s why.
The results are in for the first month of the year. Can I share?
There were 31 days in January, and I was at the office on 19 of them:

Ooh – that’s exciting I just made a single image out of a Word document – go me! ;)

Ha ha ha ha ha!  Creature of habit, ME?!
There must be a reason why I wore my brown Chardon skirt every Monday and a Camber dress every Tuesday!
As you can see, I am a “repeater”.  While I clearly made an effort to mix things up on a Monday, trying out new “Chardon skirt plus…” combinations, I reached for a Camber dress with my fair-isle yoked cardigan every single Tuesday… and on other days too!  I wore this combination on 6 days out of the 19 pictured.  As if that wasn’t enough, I  wore a Camber dress with a different cardigan on a further 3 days.  So… I wore a Camber dress on 9 out of 19 days!
The Chardon skirt came out to play 5 times.
My side-buttoned Kelly skirt came out 4 times:  once a week.
The only outfit to attract comment in the workplace was this one:

Three people said I was looking very smart / coordinated that day.
This lime green cardigan (vintage, cashmere) is what I wear to posh meetings.
I have become responsible for three high-powered Capital-C Committees this term (on top of the ones I already had) and I have to make more of an effort to conform to something approaching a corporate image.
Tricky with blue hair!  But I would go nuts if I didn’t retain some degree of individuality.

The other smartening device I have employed is The Silk Scarf.
I wore it on the 9th and the 13th.

This is in shameless imitation of my Boss.
Although she clearly would not be seen dead in a hand-knitted cardigan or, I quote:  “those funny little boots”.
Yeah… you can’t see my feet in these pictures, can you?

Flat black ankle boots:  13 days
Brown cowboy boots:  3 days
Navy suede ankle boots:  3 days
But the thing that strikes me most about this set of pictures is that it does not show the other 13 days of the month when I was not in the office.
What did I wear?
I can answer that very easily:  jeans, long-sleeved tee, plaid shirt, staccato cardigan, hand-knit socks, shawl and my sheepskin slipper-boots.  It’s what I am wearing right now.
I can’t help thinking there is an imbalance here…