What have I been doing?

Clearly that is a rhetorical question.Only ten days until Christmas Day and I haven’t made a single present. I had such grand plans and then life happened. We spent all morning yesterday at the hospital trying to get Mike some help with his breathing, the day before it was two units of blood. Both have helped in an infinitesimal way. Mike still only manages the stairs once a day, down in the morning, up at night. I had imagined that I would get things done on the days he does dialysis, three hours should be enough time shouldn’t it? It would be if I wasn’t running up and down the stairs with food, drink, a hot water bottle, hand warmers, a second hot water bottle…….. Add into the mix a charming granddaughter three afternoons a week and you have a recipe for failure. 

Will people forgive me? Who knows, most of them have no idea what we are going through, Mike isn’t the sort to complain on FB and I’m not on there anymore (huge sigh of relief from everyone who was tired of my “negative” statuses and constant whining.) The staff at the hospital know, Mike is very open about his feelings, some are ready to assist us should the time come. There’s that limbo again. 

I promise to come back tomorrow and show you photos of what I have achieved today, I better get started, Mike is on dialysis shortly and little M. is due at 4 p.m.!