What about if we try this?

It is way too early on a Saturday to be blogging but Mike was up and out the house by seven as we managed to wangle a 7:15 AM appointment for his dialysis. It is a really big deal. When he has the noon slot getting onto the machine relies of whether one is free, whether the person before him took longer than the four hours (various things stop the machine and it has to be started up again by a member of staff), whether the machine has done its forty minute clean, whether it has warmed the fluid up after its clean, whether the air is all out. So sometimes it is two before he even gets a chair (there are chairs in the waiting room but they don’t recline). Fingers crossed that when he got there this morning the machine was almost ready for him. The hope is that the dialysis won’t tire Mike too much and that by lunchtime he will be done and able to spend the rest of the day getting on with life. 

After the week we have had with Mike’s anaemia, hospital Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Tuesday was a fail remember so he had dialysis Wed. and Thurs.) yesterday was heaven. The weather was sunny and the garden a wonderfully warm (19 C / 66 F)  place to sit with our friends Mike and Jocelyn, drink tea and eat ginger nut biscuits (well Jocelyn ate most of them). 

 I can’t wait to show you all how the garden is looking on the 21st.