What a week.

All I can say is what a week.  My brain simply cannot plan beyond 24 hours.  It’s a stupid brain.  My sister-in-law and brother are in the same boat.  The simplest of tasks take forever to plan.  My mom’s condition continues to get worse.  This morning she was moved to palliative care within the hospital.  A beautiful section.  Scenic views.  Common kitchen area.  Private building compared to the hustle of the main hospital. Quiet too….you don’t hear the beeps of the IV’s from other patients like a hospital room.  You don’t hear people talking loudly and dealing with all the commotion of a patients floor.  This is so peaceful.
Not sure how much time left.  Not sure where this courage to deal with this is coming from.  We never leave my husband, my dad or my mom alone now.  Planning and scheduling of everyone’s life to fit this becomes challenging with “stupid” brains.  We laugh, we cry, we hug and we pray  My parents are blessed with five grandchildren who love them tremendously.  My nephew is flying home to visit his grandmother.  I hope he makes it.  Her longest conscious moment was when her priest visited to pray with us.  Before he left, Father Domenico said goodbye and she opened her eyes and said, “ti ringrazio”. (I thank you)

And my other patient, my husband, the one that this blog is all about, has been put second on my priority list. Poor Tony.  Planning to have someone with him 24/7 has been ok so far.  As I type, he has completed 57 hours of 96 of chemo.  Over the half way mark.  Today, he is feeling the effects.  He has begun to have weak legs and periods of dizziness when he bends or gets up.  Although he’s back on the steroids, he sleeps during the night.  Thank goodness.  So far, no other signs of infections, fevers, colds or pneumonia.  He gets disconnected this Friday at 3:15pm

Still need much strength for the entire family as we continue this difficult week.  Your texts, emails and phone calls are so reassuring.  We thank everyone for being there for us for meals, babysitting and support.
From my family to yours, God bless you all.