We’ve Had an Amazing Week

We had a lot of “firsts”.

Dom got up on his tractor and bush-hogged the driveway.  It was tough for him to use his left leg on the clutch, so he’s going to wait a couple of weeks before he tries it again.

He drove us to Slidell in his Silverado for flu shots on Tuesday.  Drove over 100 miles…. interstate, back roads and main roads.  It did wonders for his attitude.

Today, he drove to Physical Therapy.  They’re now working on his upper body strength and added weights to his feet for leg lifts.  They’re VERY pleased with his progress.

Recently, his oncologist upped the dosage of his Gabapentin to 900 mg. per day.  It’s starting to kick in.  He’s experiencing shooting pains running from his calfs down to his feet.  That’s a GOOD THING!

Thank you for the continued prayers and good wishes.  He’s a man on a mission!