Wet salty tears.

That’s what I have right now rolling down my face. I had hoped that the first blog entry in months would have been done by Mike, with tales of daring-do. I spoiled that last night. I was going to delete the entry, but I have decided it is more valuable as a record of just how desperate things can get. 

The tears are also tears of guilt, I have had to leave Mike in the hospital. Mike had arranged for something to be collected today, I said cancel, he insisted I come home and deal with it. Just as well as I was starving. Mike has been admitted with what the doctor is calling abdo. pain but what Mike says is pain in his ribs. Hey ho, you say to-may-to and I say to-mah-to. His blood pressure is extremely low for him and so despite his usual reluctance they have him on very slow IV fluids, Tazocin and painkillers. He managed to get Entonox in the ambulance, which he thoroughly enjoyed. 

I was a bad caregiver last night. I gave him paracetamol and a bottle of water and went to sleep. How did I know it wasn’t just man ‘flu?!? :)