We’re Rolling Right Along

Dom is getting stronger day by day.  His physical therapist has basically made Dom his “project”.  Dom almost feels guilty, as the guy pretty much ignores everybody else when we’re there 3 days a week.

He loves his rollator and doesn’t use a wheelchair any longer.

Things are finally returning to normal for us.

We attended Mass for the first time in months last week.  It felt SO GOOD to be back!

We spent much of today at the Tulane Cancer Center.  Dr. Safah grabbed some blood work for his M-Spike and Light Chains.

She also gave us orders for a couple of MRIs on Friday.  We can do that locally.

He’s getting his monthly Zometa infusion tomorrow.

Then back to Tulane in a couple of weeks.

She mentioned a drug that kills Myeloma, but isn’t CHEMO.  Sounds good to us.  We’ll learn a lot more in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for continued prayers and good vibes!