Went to Doctor’s Today…..& Unexpected Visit Yesterday….

As I said yesterday, the doctors office had called to tell me they were calling in a scrip for potassium as it was low again and I told her how horrid I was feeling, so they gave me an appt for today. Mom, my angel, came by to pick me up (still no way I can drive right now) and had the bloodwork done and yes…I needed another shot of “”procrit” to help those little bugger RBC get on the job and start making me feel at least half-way human. My WBC were in the normal range, but those reds…dang….they were 1/2 the count they should have been, as well as hemoglobin and hematocrit in the tank too, so fingers crossed, this shot will help in kick starting the reds and get this low blood cell crap off the table for a while. I am supposed to start my new addition to chemo, Velcade, at my Thursday appt, but I have my doubts it will start that day. Maybe yes, maybe no, but I know in the past he hasn’t wanted me to start anything new, while I’m currently dealing with something (right now it’s the UTI, low red blood cells, & low potassium,) so I really don’t know if I’ll start the new chemo on Thurs or not. I really don’t know much about this new chemo yet, except what I have read), so I don’t know if it will matter if I’m dealing with other issues or not when I start it. I’ll let you know. I know in the past he has even had me hold my chemo when battling a UTI (I am still taking it this time though). I would think that starting it when I am “feeling better” (HA HA HA…..loaded question these days)) would make more sense, but he’s the doctor, so I don’t know what call he’ll make and it’s still 2 days away, so who knows how I will be feeling after this shot today. I do believe in miracles, so anything could happen between now and thursday. Just a side note to again, sing my mom’s praises, let you all know what a wonderful mom I have…..she dropped everything last nite to go grocery shopping for me and get some needed items. I really don’t know what I would do without her. And also a note about, Melissa and her great mom,Sharon. My daughter Linz had called me during the day yesterday (yeah…the one that AWAYS ask the direct question”how are you doing today?”) , so I told her the truth, as long ago she made me promise I would not hide anything about this disease from her. Well, when she found out how I was feeling, she called Lissa, (they have been best friends since elementary school & Liss lives local and Linz lives in Vegas) who told Linz that she would grocery shop for me (yesterday). Linz called again later and I told her that my mom was going to grab what I needed, so to tell Lissa I was ok. Well, about an hour or so later, who comes to the door, but Lissa and her mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (yes….they DO cheer you up, they are so pretty) to check up on me and make sure I was OK. What a surprise and a nice visit from two thoughtful people. They said to make sure I called them if I needed anything (to help take some of the burden off my mom too) and that they would come whenever I needed them. Makes me cry that I have really really awesome people in my life that will be there for me). I am slowly adapting to the the fact there are going to be times when I CANNOT do certain things and have to ask for help. Still don’t like it…..but adapting.