Well what can I say.

Yesterday I visited our local Hospice, it was their drop in morning where people like myself are invited to drop in for a cup of tea, make use of the facilities and find out about the holistic services on offer. The staff there were genuinely caring and wanted to do the best for me. Having said that, without appearing rude, it reminded me of an episode of Waiting for God. I think it has been designed for the older clientele. The literature with its lilac colour and flower design would be more appealing to the older age group and reminded me of something I might pick up at a funeral directors. I was able to meet the therapist who gently told Colin and I how having counselling may help as improving mental health can contribute to better physical health! I have an appointment there next week to be assessed before I can access any of the free therapeutic interventions like acupuncture and reflexology. At least I gave it a go and know what’s available now, but I did find it a little upsetting to be there at all.

My good friend and the team manager of Step2 popped in for lunch, which was great although I have lost some confidence when talking to people. The amount of drugs I am taking and need for the pain are making me very dopey and disorientated. I quickly lose thread of what I am talking about and feel embarrassed when it must appear obvious that I am struggling to keep up. I was also tired out from my morning outing so needed to excuse myself to have a lie down which turned into a three hour sleep.

Today I hope a new friend that I have met through the internet and also has myeloma may get a chance to pop in later if she isn’t too tired. It will be nice to chat to someone who has gone through the stem cell transplant and can really empathise as she has the same condition.

Have a good day. The weekend is almost upon us and I look forward to seeing whoever is joining us for the barn clearing and bonfire tomorrow.

Deborah x