Well, it’s done

First, let’s start with Tony’s numb lip and chin area.  They did an MRI on Monday 7pm and the results are negative.  So, that’s a HUGE relief.  We were worried about another tumour.

So, today was surgery day.  Plan was to enter the abdominal area and remove the growth in the testicle.  We arrived at 7am.  VERY early!  Surgery was scheduled for 9am but the doctor was running behind.  They called him in around 10:30.  Doctor told me where to wait for her to discuss post surgery.  Around 12:15 she came looking for me.  She said that they removed a tumour and a preliminary biopsy tells her that it was myeloma related.  (plasmacytoma or called a myeloma ball).  Also, she said that the “cord” that attaches the scrotum to the body, was abnormal looking as well.  (Engorged) She removed as much as she could reach.  The pathology results will tell us more.  We are scheduled to see oncology next week on Thursday.  No chemo this week.  Hopefully, the results will be in by then.  PMH says these test results usually take 2 weeks.  We shall see.
As for Tony, he looked well after surgery.  Very little pain.  At this point it had been a long day.  We got home around 5:30pm.
Around 7ish, Tony was shivering.  Claiming the house was too cold……but around 9pm I realized that perhaps he was getting a fever.  He was warm to the touch.  Got the thermometer and his temperature was at 38.9.  JEEEEESH!  So, blankets off, damp cloth on forehead and neck, sweater off.  Then, we realized he did not take any pain meds.  Even though he wasn’t in pain, perhaps he should take some?  Duh. I googled the meds and they said relief from fever and pain.  So, he took two.  (percocet)  As I type this (at 1am), he has cooled down alot.  Almost time for his second dosage.

He is not working tomorrow.
Well, good nite to all.  We’re off to bed.  LONG day.

PS: Just want to say a big thank you to two friends, K & M who kept me company after the news today from the doctor. I will never forget it.  Also, thank you to my friend M for leaving the pasta for me and soup for Tony for our dinner at my door step.  It was actually nice not to worry about cooking.
After all this, I now get it.  I now know what to say to people going through this.  I now know what they need and when they need it.
Keeping the faith.
Loving my family and friends.
Living day by day.
Good night