Well, back to square one!

Never thought I’d be typing this soooo soon!

The latest results
M-Protein number:  In October 2012 when diagnosed it was 57.  It got down to 14 in February.  The latest count was 44. (should be zero)

Hemoglobin:  In October 2012 it was 67.  It got up to around 114.  Today it was 77.

CT Scan: Head was clean of plasmacytoma (tumors).  The chest area showed a lymph node of 5cm.  Considered large by the Doctors.

The Plan
1.  Basically the current chemo treatment stopped being effective.  They have removed the Velcade needle and are replacing it with Revlimed.  Pills every day.  We were told that this is a very old drug used to reduce nausea with pregnant women.  They have found out that this particular drug is very effective for myeloma patients.  Also, the Dexamethazone (steroid) is back but more often.  He’s to take it 4 days on 4 days off.  Basically, they are giving him a higher dosage now to give it more effect.  Cramping is another symptom, so hydration is important.  They recommended tonic water.  This will go on for a further 4 months till they even consider a stem cell transplant.  Also, provided his numbers go in the right direction and is tumor free.
2.  Princess Margaret Hospital needed to rule out a tumor in the brain.  Even though a CT Scan was done and showed negative, they needed to extract fluid from the brain to test.  They did this by drawing fluid from the spine.  (4 vials of fluid).  He was very brave today.  And, me, I survived this procedure too!  I stayed in the room.
3.  To get the hemoglobin increased, they are doing a blood transfusion tomorrow at Humber River.  Probably two units.  They also prescribed Eprex, which helps stimulate the hemoglobin. This is the needle once a week that I had a tough time doing.
4.  Radiation is necessary for the scrotum area to rule out any possible “leftovers” from surgery.  He will be having 10 treatments once a day for 10 minutes each time.
5.  As for the lymph node, it should shrink with the chemo pills he is taking.  They will follow up with a CT scan in about 2-3 months to see the size.

Final Thoughts
This explains many things.  He’s been so tired lately and very lethargic. Anyone with a Hemoglobin count of under 100 will feel their energy level low.  So, no wonder!  Poor Tony.  He was so brave and positive today.  On a funny note, when the Doctor at Princess Margaret came in, she said that his medical situation has taken over her Inbox with emails back and forth with his oncologist and urologist and every one else connected with him.  Too funny. My special man.
Thanks to everyone for your text messages and phones calls and emails of prayers and concerns.
We know we are truly blessed with family and friends.