Weird Accident

A week ago last Monday evening ( June 28, I was driving down 9 Mile and crossing Telegraph. I was driving the speed limit, 45 miles a hour. I hit the new lane of Telegraph which is up 3-4 inches from the other lanes. When I hit it I had an immediate excruciating band of pain go across my back and abdomen. I went to my home at 9 Mile and… Lasher and rested on the couch. I pretty much stayed this way accept for a brief swim which relieved all my pain until I had to get out of the pool. The next night I was in so much pain that Bob and Sylvia took me to the emergency room. The only way I could stand or walk was with my walker.. Yesterday Bob washed my back in the shower and noticed I had bruises all down my spine.
He took this picture of me and then I knew why I was having so much pain. I see my doctor on Wednesday and printed a copy for him. The doctor’s at the hospital couldn’t find any reason for the pain but here is the proof. When I was admitted to the hospital my plts were low at 29 and when I had them done at Goldman’ office after discharge they were 47.
Thank God for spell check. This message at 5:22 am and while under the influence of MS Contin contained at least 15 spelling errors before the corrections were made.
This is a picture of my spine 12 days after hitting the new lane, which I notice now has a huge bump and slow down sign. I really don’t know if the sign was there last week or not but I sure didn’t see it.