Weekend Update

We spent the morning at the cancer center for labwork and to see Dr. F. Counts were still in the normal range. They sent us home with fluids — so now she’s carrying the DAB bag and a 2 pound fluid bag. They gave us 2 extra bags and taught me how to change them on Saturday and Sunday.
We tried to venture out to the grocery store Friday afternoon. We’d barely made it out of the hotel parking lot when we had to pull over to puke. She’d been sleeping and got up to go fairly quickly so we think she didn’t take the trip out to the car slow enough. No puking after that.

We made our way to the outpatient unit at St. Francis (the cancer center is closed on weekends) for labwork. We also saw Dr. F since she was on call this weekend — all transplant patients are seen every day after transplant. They increased dosage on the DAB pump – it had been decreased on Friday and Dr. F thought it may have caused her increased nausea on Friday. She also gave us a script for Zofran to take as needed. Counts were still in the normal range Saturday.
Daddy arrived Saturday night to spend a few days so I can take a quick work trip out of town Monday and Tuesday.

Back to St. Francis this morning for labwork again and to see Dr. F. They always check her BP sitting and standing — she had a drop in BP when she stood up this morning so they decided to give her fluids.
The outpatient unit was insane when we got there. Every chair was full of patients, the nurses were behind, and the phones were ringing off the hook. The nurse taking blood from momma’s port was talking on the phone the entire time regarding a patient who was being admitted. She ended up getting the patients name mixed up (actually used momma’s first name) and wasn’t even close to saying the correct last name. I wanted to say “Listen, we aren’t in any kind of hurry today. Get the other patient admitted then come focus on us. I’m not impressed by your lack of multitasking skills.” Everything finally settled down. We saw the doc and got the heck out of there.
Jessica was able to come today to celebrate her birthday a day early — I can’t believe she’ll be 20 tomorrow. We went to lunch at Cracker Barrel (your favorite place PaPa!) then opened presents and had cake back at the hotel. She’ll be spending the new two days with momma as well while I’m out of town.

I wonder if I can convince one of them (Jess or Daddy) to update this while I’m gone for two days?