Weekend on the mountain

Mark has been filling pretty good lately. He was able to go up on the mountain with his family for a weekend. The Allred family heads up there every year about this time. He was able to relax and get some family time in and a little fishing to.
Mark really enjoys all the time on the mountain he can get. It was nice to get everybody up there this year.
Mark still is getting his valcaide and dex every Wednesday up to the Huntsman. This will continue for about a year. All lab work is still looking good. He is getting more energy and strength back every day.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend on the mountain

Mark blowing bubbles for Easton
The Allred line up
Mark showing Brooke how to hold her pole
well that worked
Mark showing Jax how to play horse shoes

A little entertainment, Easton singing Muddy waters
Shane on the top of the mountain