Week 2. Day 2 of Cycle 1 Carfilzomib and Dex – November 7 2012

Up early and walked Kemmer in the dark outside the motel. Showered and packed up my stuff. Decided to go to St. Luke’s Hospital and walk Kemmer around their new grounds (0.85 miles) – lots of sidewalks, but no grass for most of it.

The infusion nurses were able to take me early this morning since I had arrived for a blood draw that had been canceled. Kemmer waited in Jonah.I took my 4 mg of dexamethasone orally. My IV inserted yesterday and primed with heparin flush worked beautifully this morning, so no need for another poke. RN Brittany ran intravenous fluids, the Carfilzomib, and more fluids. She also helped me with my next Revlimid prescription by letting RN Sandy know I needed it.Left Twin Falls at 11 AM headed for home (2 1/2 hour drive). Stopped at my father’s house on the way in to town. He is doing fine! Doesn’t he look GREAT for a man who will be 92 years old on 14 January 2013?
RN Sandy called me a couple times this afternoon and I think we have it set to have my next 21 days of Revlimid delivered before I leave for Mayo Clinic since I have to start the second cycle on 27 Nov 2012. I am appreciative of their help.
Came home and had a 2 hour nadir. Then, I walked Kemmer to the Big Lost River Smelter Bridge just before dark…1.28 miles…LIFE IS BETTER WITHOUT A LEASH – just ask Kemmer ! My back, especially on the left side up near my scapula hurt me on the way home.I injected just 1/2 of the Fragmin dosage (7,500) last night and tonight, since I’m sure my platelets are low.