Week 162 of chemo complete: Dark clouds or blue skies on the horizon?

On Friday, the weather forecast told me rain was approaching, so I walked quickly to a nearby beach. While sitting on a log, I noticed dark clouds and bluer skies in the distance, and wondered, which would reach me first. I thought how the unknowns about the weather could be a personal metaphor.

As a cancer patient, I find that I could spend all day thinking about possibilities, potentials, and maybes, as I live with long-term chemo. I try not to let these ‘dark clouds’ dampen my spirits. Instead I regularly find opportunities to laugh and smile, when something good unexpectedly brings sunshine to my day.

These ‘blue skies’ moments recharge me and are a reminder to remain calm and be ready to use positive energy to ward off negativity, whenever necessary. Just like packing my umbrella in case of rain, I remain prepared.

Week 162 of chemo complete: Blue skies or a storm approaching?

To recap: On Sunday, March 18th, I completed Cycle 41 Week 2. I have multiple myeloma and anemia, a rare cancer of the immune system. Multiple myeloma affects the plasma cells, a type of immune cell that produces antibodies to fight infection. These plasma cells are found in the bone marrow. As a blood cancer, it is incurable, but treatable. Since February 9th 2015, I have been on Pomalyst and dexamethasone chemo treatment (Pom/dex). On July 16th, my dexamethasone treatment ended, due to eye damage, reported by my Glaucoma Specialist, from long-term use. On January 9th I began Ninlaro chemo to combat steadily rising cancer levels.

Weekly chemo-inspired self-portraits can be viewed in my flickr album.

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