Week 142 of chemo complete: Playing in the leaves

Wednesday morning I travelled to Douglas Park in the South Cambie neighbourhood of Vancouver. There were beautiful trees surrounding the large open field and I observed people walking their dog, pushing baby strollers, or jogging. Leaves were falling off the trees due to a steady breeze, and they appeared golden when the sun broke through the clouds.

A pleasant place for some fun!

Week 142 of chemo compete: Playing in the leaves

To recap: On Sunday, October 29th, I completed Cycle 36 Week 2. I have Multiple Myeloma and anemia, a rare cancer of the immune system. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells that affects the plasma cells, a type of immune cell that produces antibodies to fight infection. These plasma cells are found in the bone marrow. As a blood cancer, it is incurable, but treatable. Since February 9th 2015, I have been on Pomalyst and dexamethasone chemo treatment (Pom/dex). On July 16th, my dexamethasone treatment ended, due to eye damage, reported by my Glaucoma Specialist, from long-term use.

Weekly chemo-inspired self-portraits can be viewed in my flickr album.

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