Wednesday Update on Dad

There’s still no real news. They are hoping to get out by Friday, but not sure. They gave Dad another blood transfusion today and they are still flushing out his kidneys. The doctor says that his kidney function is a little more stabilized but they are hoping to see it improve more. If it stabilizes, they can send him home. Since the chemo side effects are supposed to start 7 – 14 days after the chemo, Mom is wondering if staying longer in the hospital might be a good thing. Only time will tell.

The other thing to add in is that he’s going to start his Neupogen shots (they stimulate the growth of white blood cells). And even if he does leave, he has to come back for them. But he would get to sleep in his own bed. Always a plus.

When he gets home, no one can touch him. Mom can’t even kiss him! And no sick people are allowed near him.

Dad hasn’t been walking as much because of all of the fluids they are pumping through him. It does make him get up to go to the bathroom a lot, so at least he’s not completely stuck in bed. That’s the worst and he hates that.

His diabetes counselor has prescribed him a regimen to follow. Not sure what it is exactly, but will give out details when I get them.

More “Hotel” Amenities

Mom says that MD Anderson has a grant where they offer massages and acupuncture. Dad took the massage and they massaged his feet and legs. As could be predicted, he turned down the acupuncture offer.

Mom is really liking the food. She says she had a lovely vegetable wheat pasta and Dad has a delicious stir fry. Oh and she said the fruit parfaits are really good.

Mom and Dad have gotten into a little routine where they have dinner around 7. Then after a nurse comes in and checks Dad out, they rent a movie around 8:30. They watched the new Mission Impossible film last night.

That’s All

That’s all I got for now! :)