Wednesday Night, This Cycle Starting to Kick In.

For Memorial Day, we hung out with the roommates and Patrice from work came out and we made shish ke bobs on the grill. We went through the gate and fed the horses baby carrots and met the woman, Kay M., who owns the farm, she hollered across the fence, asking about the gate. I explained it was for when the cats escape, and she told us we need to keep it shut when not using it, which she had no problem with us visiting or feeding the ponies, but the area is not an easement but a dog run and they’ll go into our yard if we leave the gate open. I let her know we wouldn’t be doing that. One of the ponies bit my finger pretty hard, confusing it for another baby carrot. I think I need to buy the full-sized kind for feeding the horses! Luckily, he did not break skin, it just bruised my nail and ruined my manicure!  
On Tuesday I was down at the clinic as early as I could, which turned out to be right around 9:00 am. I had to wait on Greg to leave because I cannot wedge my car out with his in the driveway the way he can. It was a little busy and although I did not need anything additional (platelets, blood) I was there until noon. I hit Dillard’s on the way home and did some returns plus bought little thank you charm bracelets for Kendra and Kathy. I went home and napped and then worked on the puzzle with Greg and the roommates. We finished it! I got all my steroids and Cytoxan down too. I emailed and found out that I am NOT supposed to be taking the 4 low-dose aspirin anymore, that is a Revlimid thing. Alright, fine, but I wish I had figured that out BEFORE replenishing my supply!  
Today I worked on the computer and did things around the house until time to go to the Wellness Support Group at the Gilda Center today. Sitting there for the meeting started to kill my back, I even took a pain pill. The meeting was from 12 to 2 and there were only 2 other women there besides the social worker. A Carol and a Hillary, who was also new. I will try to make it next week, I think it was worthwhile. I went through the Wal-Mart garden center and got another mandavilla, a rose, and some white vinca to put out front where Greg opened up the beds by trimming back the bushes. I came home and did a treatment and my nails and tried to rest before Debbie picked me up for dinner, a bunch of us ladies from bible study had dinner at the Village Grill to get together since we are on a break from studies. I had the catfish and ended up bringing home most of it! 
I’m beat and had to take another pain pill, I definitely have some bad muscle soreness in my back going on. I’m walking a lot slower than usual, I’m sure all this is the Cytoxan kicking in. Dr. Anderson sent a message back after my aspirin question asking how I was doing with the 40 mg of steroid dose, and I wrote back:

How am I doing on the Dex?

Why do you think I go around making fun of people’s ties. Its the Dex. Really! [I had made fun of his on Tuesday…]

No, its going fine. I am making a conscious effort NOT to eat out of control. The Cytoxan seems to feature loss of appetite and some nausea (usually between 5 pm an 7 Pm in my experience) which includes gagging and occasionally some production into the toilet, other times just discomfort that an anti-nausea pill solves within the hour.

But I seem to be doing OK with the dex. When I can’t sleep, I go ahead and get up and do stuff around the house, quietly as to not wake the working stiffs. If I feel like a nap or sleeping in, I allow it. I have made getting along with Dex and making Cytoxan my new best friend my major short term goals in life and we all seem fine (still married, no roommates have moved out, weight not climbing anymore).

So far so good, in short.

Thanks for checking, KT

 I certainly do appreciate having a doctor that treats me with respect and respects my intelligence and asks for my input! He is the greatest! 

On an unhappy note, I have texted, left voicemail and sent an email to Lindsey and have had no response. She has called her Dad back and chatted with him, so she is back and does have a little time to check in. My last email I proposed she and Andrew come to visit June 28th and she has not answered in the least. I am close to sending one last, “OK, taking the hint, I won’t bother you” note but will just leave it alone. I plan to write her a letter to be handed off after I pass, I guess it can go in that, no need to force myself on her. I just thought things were better. Maybe Taylor Lautner — I mean Laughlin — have something to do with the cold front from that direction…