Wednesday Morning and I Have Energy!!

I’m finishing up a dialysis treatment as I type this (pound the keyboard: love the line from George Clooney movie, “Are you MAD at your computer?”). Since Sunday I have had some light drains (not enough/ not normal) and a few fibrins (stringy protein threads that bog up the works) and even a little pink color, which means internal bleeding. I started adding heperin to my bags like I am supposed to, and the reddish discharges are sometimes normal, they usually say to see if it continues for several days or gets worse. Well today I am happy to report the volume drained is adequate/correct and it is clear and yellowy like its supposed to be (actually resembles diluted urine).

Greg left for Salt Lake City Monday morning and the roommates have been in Atlanta with their families since Thursday, they return on Mother’s Day. I know they are enjoying their time and especially the time off work, neither of them are liking the atmosphere at the National Office compared to what they had when there were regions. I keep a “To Do” on my i-Phone, and have been trying to knock out a lot of the items on it with all this time alone. Monday I drove down to the Gilda Club for my 1-on-1 consultation with a social worker and I am now a full-fledged member, ready to start participating in their events and services. I am signed up for a Support Group called “The Wellness Group” which is a 16-week commitment, but they are very understanding if health or travel or other things interfere and you miss, as long as you call and let them know your deal.

I am toying with looking into the Bridge Instruction, and of course the book club and some of the evening concerts and dinners are of interest. I don’t like that its forty minutes away, but it should be worth it. They have a library on site, too, with everything from self-help to cancer-specific to the latest fiction. I think I will cull through a lot of my books and figure out how to make a donation to free up room on my shelves. Finding the Flower Mound Public Library is still on my To Do list.

Monday night I just relaxed and watched TV all by my lonesome. I am into a pretty good book right now, too, so I read in that for quite awhile at bedtime. Greg has been sending pics from Salt Lake City, they end up sight seeing after putting in the day at the office sometimes. They went to Park City (ski resort) last night and looked around.

Tuesday I got up early and let the cleaning staff in, then headed to Lowe’s to pick up a few things I had determined I needed to move forward with our square foot gardening. I actually had a boy load up nine 8 foot landscaping timbers (and the large nails), which I unloaded late last night when I had some energy – they fit diagonally in my Vue with the passenger seat down). I bought a climbing plant and trellis and a few more geraniums to finish up the bed around one of the trees our front. I am hoping to spend today getting a lot of my projects done or at least move on them, from moving the extra flagstone in a stepping path beginning off the patio to sawing to size the timbers and placing them to build up the square foot garden one more level. I am making a three foot by 4 foot one at another spot and it will probably be the pumpkin patch. My annual attempt at pumpkins. I hope it goes better this year, last year some bug got in at the root level and killed every one of them, though I did get plenty of beautiful blossoms before that happened.

I need to print and snail mail my health update from May 1st to a few people who don’t do facebook, myspace or email. One of those is my mentally ill brother in Illinois, and he gets a lot of the information word-of-mouth from aunts or cousins, but I like to get all the pics and stuff to him too. We have talked a few times this month (he uses the counselor’s phone) as he wants some material items for his apartment and wants me to pay from his trust accounts. We made sure he had essentials and put things to a halt saying he needed to sign medical power of attorney for us sisters, especially since I might not be the one handling all this going forward. He has finally agreed to allow us that access and now we will be able to call the center and ask about him. Plus they will notify us when he is hospitalized and stuff like that. Its been really hard not knowing and living this far away! I assured him we were not trying to get in his business or change his program or move him to a different facility or anything, we just needed a way to know he was doing OK since he doesn’t call or write or receive many visitors (he is paranoid schizophrenic, but medicated and in treatment.)

I am still trying to watch the food and drink intake and will try on intended dress up outfits next week or so and assess whether I need to run out and buy larger things to get through the Marine ceremony thing and then the rehearsal dinner and wedding a week later. I had ordered two pairs of dressing blue sandals on Shoes.Com assuming I could send one pair back, whichever wasn’t my favorite, but I love them both and am going to keep both pairs!! Because I can.